Apple Watch Series 4 versus Series 3

Apple Watch Series 4 versus Series 3

Apple Watch Series 4 versus Series 3, Apple declared the most recent age of its smart watch last September as the Apple Watch Series 4, accessible in GPS just or GPS and Cellular models.

The new smart watch sits close by the Apple Watch Series 3, likewise accessible in GPS just and GPS and Cellular, while the Series 2, Series 1 and the first Apple Watch have all presently been ceased.

To make matters straightforward, we’ve contrasted the Apple Watch Series 4 with the Series 3 here so you can see precisely what the distinctions and likenesses are, regardless of whether you’re hoping to update or take the smart watch dive.

Apple Watch Series 4 versus Series 3: Design and show

The Apple Watch Series 3 includes a strong rectangular body with the Digital Crown and separate catch on the right, and a speaker and receiver on the left. It’s swim-confirmation up to 50-meters and it highlights Ion-X glass over the presentation. The GPS and Cellular model is separated with a red emphasize on the Digital Crown.

The pulse screen is situated on the underside of the watch body, alongside the discharge catches for changing out the lashes and the second-age OLED Retina show sits on top, multiple times more brilliant than the Series 1 at 1000nits. The GPS model has a composite back, while the GPS and Cellular model has a fired and sapphire gem back.

The most up to date Apple Watch, the Series 4, stays with a commonplace structure and same lash system as the Apple Watch models that have gone before it, yet Apple has made a few changes. Right off the bat, the Digital Crown on the Series 4 model has an electrical pulse sensor incorporated with it, which is notwithstanding the optical pulse sensor on the underside of the watch case.

The Series 4 likewise has an a lot bigger presentation with adjusted edges, utilizing the space accessible and bringing about a bolder structure. The 40mm Series 4 offers a 759sqmm2 showcase region contrasted with the 563sqmm2 on the 38mm Series 3, while the 44mm Series 4 has a 977sqmm2 presentation region contrasted with the 740sqmm2 of the 42mm Series 3.

The bigger showcase proportion makes the Series 4 appear to be very unique to the Series 3 in spite of a comparable plan by and large.


At the point when the first Apple Watch propelled, its case was accessible in aluminum, treated steel and unique materials like strong gold, all of which came in two size alternatives of 38mm and 42mm. The Series 3 at that point presented a fired model, however none of these extraordinary materials are accessible any longer, on any Apple Watch.

Following the Series 4’s dispatch, the Series 3 is currently just accessible with an aluminum case, either silver or space dim, with a Sport Band. You can obviously purchase separate ties, yet you won’t most likely get the Series 3 in hardened steel or some other extraordinary material.

The Series 3 comes in 38mm and 42mm size alternatives, just as in a selection of GPS just or GPS and Cellular. There is likewise Space Gray aluminum Nike+ model accessible with an Anthracite and Black Nike Sport Band. The Nike+ model is likewise accessible in GPS and GPS and Cellular choices.

The Series 4 in the interim has much more choices accessible and it comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes. Right off the bat, there is the standard Apple Watch Series 4, which comes in 18 alternatives. These incorporate six GPS just models, all with aluminum housings, and 12 GPS and Cellular models, with both aluminum and hardened steel choices accessible. Three shading alternatives are accessible in both aluminum and tempered steel including silver, gold and space dark for aluminum or space dark for hardened steel.

As far as tie alternatives, the aluminum Series 4 models accompany either a Sport Band or a Sport Loop lash, with hues controlled by the case shading. The hardened steel Series 4 models accompany either a Sport Band or a Milanese Loop lash.

There are additionally eight Series 4 Nike+ models accessible, all with aluminum housings, and 11 Series 4 Hermès models accessible, all of which have hardened steel housings and unique Hermès lashes. While all the standard Series 4 models and the Nike+ models come in both case sizes however, just a solitary one of the 11 Hermes models comes in 40mm and 44mm. The others are either just 40mm or just 44mm, contingent upon which you pick.



The Apple Watch Series 3 has a double center processor called the S3 under its hood, combined with a remote chip called the W2. The GPS just model has 8GB of memory, while the GPS and Cellular model has 16GB of memory, just as LTE network. The LTE network implies you can make and get calls and instant messages just as play out every one of the errands you’d need to on your Watch without your iPhone in range.

Both the GPS and GPS and Cellular Series 3 models offer Siri straightforwardly from the watch as opposed to exchanging it to your iPhone, as they do on the Series 4.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has an overhauled processor that is professed to be multiple times quicker than the S3, called the S4. It likewise has the cutting edge remote chip called the W3. A considerable lot of the equipment highlights are equivalent to Series 3, including the barometric altimeter, worked in GPS and the optical pulse sensor, however, the Series 4 adds a couple of additional items.

It improves the accelerometer from up to 16 G-powers to up to 32 G-powers and it additionally includes an electrical pulse sensor to the Digital Crown, as we referenced, which will enable clients to take an ECG themselves. You can peruse increasingly about that in our different element. Both the GPS and GPS and Cellular models have 16GB of memory as well and the Series 4 additionally presents fall discovery.


Both of the Series 3 and Series 4 run Watch’s 5, as do the Series 1 and Series 2, however the first Apple Watch does not bolster the most recent programming manufacture. Different ages will hence all offer a comparable encounter, notwithstanding, regardless of whether there are a couple of additional highlights on the Watch Series 4, similar to fall location and the ECG work (US/UK/Europe just for the time being).

There have been a few new highlights added to the new WatchOS 5 programming including movement rivalries, exercise refreshes, propelled running highlights, Apple Podcasts, Walkie-Talkie mode, more brilliant Siri and improved notices. You can peruse about watches 5 in our different element.


The Apple Watch Series 3 is the least expensive approach to get your hands on Apple’s smart watch through Apple itself, with a beginning cost of £279 for the GPS just model. The GPS and Cellular model begins at £379, which is somewhat less expensive than the beginning cost for Series 4.

The Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS just begins at £399 for both the standard model and the Nike+ model. The Apple Watch Series 4 with GPS and Cellular begins at £499 for the standard model or Nike+ model, yet these increments to £699 on the off chance that you need a treated steel model. The Hermès models begin at £1249.

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